Information is the new black.


A few years ago Moby wrote a song, asking the question ‘Are you lost in a world like me?’ The clip explores a society obsessed by screens and people dismissive of their immediate environment. Irrespective of your views on social media, it is grim viewing.

Thankfully, Moby’s predictions haven’t come to pass. We aren’t surrounded by social media zombies, enslaved to their screens. But it is not all happy news. Young people are having to navigate a world full of technological wonders, enabling an unprecedented access to knowledge plus an intense proximity to the (real or posed) lives of nearly every other person on the planet. Young people’s global awareness, be it the profound or the inane, is impressive. Information is now the new black. 

Sadly, the wonders of this world also seem to be taking their toll. Young people live with higher expectations of their performance and, as one young person put it, contend with a feeling of being socially ‘always on’. The result isn’t Moby’s predicted world, but young people are having to develop skills to navigate through the ever-present views of others including the constant comparison of achievements.

iMatter is Step’s mental health initiative to help young people develop resilience when it comes to others’ opinions and also their own achievement. Rather than deriving worth from others’ opinions and our own achievement, iMatter proposes that worth is imbued into every human being and that God should be our Google search engine, the source of true self knowledge. Lauren Daigle captures this beautifully in her recent release ‘You Say’, inspiring us to listen to what God says about each of us and to orientate ourselves around that rather than anything else. Have a listen and turn it up!

In a culture of comparison, information overload and performance-based approval, Step is encouraging young people to embrace Lauren Daigle’s sentiments in ‘You Say’ and discover: I am created, I am loved, I am responsible, I am connected and I am eternal. 

If you would like to find out more about Step’s iMatter initiative or its other youthwork in schools, do contact us to arrange a visit.