Stepping into Work Experience

This week I was lucky enough to be able to go to Step for work experience. I am a Year 10 student at Townsend School and as most of my year was on work experience this week, I was excited but also nervous. 

Resources I created for my project

Resources I created for my project

On the first day I was introduced to all the staff and sat in on a team meeting. This showed me how everyone works together. I was also introduced to my project that I would be completing throughout the week, which has helped me to understand how much effort is put into activities for the schools.

Throughout the week I have been to several different schools including St Columba’s College and Nicholas Breakspear. I have seen how Step teaches students in different years and I have also seen the lunch time clubs they do in schools. 

This has inspired me because I have seen all the work that goes in with young people and how much they are helped by Step.

I have also been able to see some training on some of the projects that they are doing in schools which has shown me how much thought and process goes into creating these activities and helpful courses for students. 

Overall I have really enjoyed my time this week. It has really helped me to understand what Step is all about and how they are helping students throughout Harpenden and St Albans. I have loved getting to know the charity and how they work and I am very grateful for this opportunity and would recommend it to any students looking for work experience in the future. 

Olivia, Year 10