Why volunteer?

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What better way to spend one's time than to share the blessings of the Kingdom with a group of eager listeners?  I have long wanted to find an environment where a constructive exchange about the Kingdom of God can take place - and I have found it by serving with Step.  By assisting in the presentation of Step sessions, I am able to initiate and contribute to discussions about the things of the Kingdom, sometimes seeing a real interest being stirred.  The sincerity and awareness of students impresses me - as does their willingness to engage in meaningful discussion.  Whilst accepting students are obliged to attend and take notice, I have found the challenge of awakening real interest very satisfying. 

I was seeking something worthwhile to do once I retired and felt the Lord ask me to be specific. To this I replied something about explaining the Kingdom to real listeners. At a Step prayer meeting I attended on behalf of my church, I heard Step had more opportunities than resources, then realised I could be a resource. Since volunteering, I have always been impressed by the quality and relevance of teaching material and of the presentation skills of Step staff. What can be more satisfying than to input the next generation with principles of the Kingdom whilst praying the listeners decide to follow Jesus?  

John Hopkinson (volunteer)

This year John has taught over 90 lessons in local secondary schools.

Below are some of the other Step projects John has been involved in leading or creating.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering please contact Terrie to arrange a visit.