Come and do what you do, but do it for Him.


Step’s recruiting mantra is ‘Come and do what you do, but do it for Him’. Some people respond by saying, “I love what you do, but I can’t teach and I don’t like teenagers. Do you still want me?” The answer is we do. We want to share our love for teenagers with them, but we also believe God has apportioned talents to everyone to be used for his work, so therefore they have something to offer Step’s work.

So how could you help Step if you don’t want to go into school?

Once a month we gather our volunteers to provide a boost to the administrative work of Step. These wonderful volunteers come in and build, cut, research, edit, fold, post and create. They could be working with card, jelly, Lego or Play-Doh. The admin team’s aim is that where ever we need a push, or extra help, they give it. They are amazing! Step would not have its brilliant resources without them.

Recently one volunteer commented, “Last week I was part of the admin team and we were asked to come up with 'Wow' facts to write on a Lego head, to point the students to a creator God. It was surprisingly difficult to come up with bite-size facts and it made me realise just how creative the Schools Coordinators are, as they are producing resources like this all the time."

This leads me onto another team that meets each month. These volunteers don’t build or make anything. They dream things. They play with ideas. They come up with ‘Wow’ facts. They are called The Braintrust. They look at what we have and try and improve it. They look at what school culture needs and envision ways to meet it. They are also amazing! Step would not have its resources without them either.

The combination of both these teams draws together two sets of incredible talents and makes something beautiful. It also paints an image of God’s church embracing diversity and seeing a cumulative gain. A local church leader recently wrote, regarding my impending church visit, that they’d “personally quite like to experience the resources” Step makes. I’m looking forward to sharing them, but also pointing out that Step didn’t dream up, design or make the resources – they came into being through the local church. Step simply found the opportunity for them to exist. What a wonder God’s Church is.

As I mentioned earlier, our recruiting mantra is ‘Come and do what you do, but do it for Him’. We stole it from Jesus, who said to some fishermen, “Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” It’s the same thing.

If you would like to join our admin team or attend our BrainTrust and use your talents to help Step, please do contact Terrie to find out more.