'Everyone has Influence'

As you will know from reading these updates, Step takes time to gather and focus on God – see The Grey Matter behind iMatter on 22nd March 2019.


The Global Leadership Summit (GLS) is a learning space that the Step team have attended for many years. It takes the form of speakers from all walks of life (faith and none) delivering their wisdom. The theme for this year was  ‘Everyone has Influence’.

The speakers are recorded at a huge event in the summer in the USA. The DVDs are distributed around the world to form a two-day conference that could be run almost anywhere.

Usually this is an event hosted by a church. As we were unable to attend in the autumn term, we decided to run our own, much smaller, version and invited our volunteer team to join us on 23rd April and 1st May.

On each day twenty guests gathered together, chatted over refreshments, worshipped God and watched five speakers on each day (ten different talks over the two day conference). Each attendee had a booklet to make notes, jot down ideas and record whatever seemed important to them. The Step team will spend the next few months reviewing and discussing the items that we found useful at our team meetings each week. We also asked our volunteers to let us know of anything that they thought we should discuss.

As ever, our attendees were very complimentary. But a particular conversation stands out. A team member had explained to Graeme, one of our newer volunteers, how the event was usually much bigger and hosted by a church. Graeme looked a little puzzled when he was discussing it with me. I had agreed and explained that this was the first of its kind for Step, much smaller and only our team. His response was just what I needed to hear: “Really? You mean you don’t always do it like this?” 

What an encouragement!

It was my first working day after the Easter break and I was worried, assuming I had missed something. But I hadn’t. Thank you Graeme - your response reassured me.

Special thanks goes out to The Verulam House Fund Trust for generously granting money towards training Step’s volunteers and staff. Do follow the link to find out more about them and their work.

If what we do interests you and you would like to know more about our work, please do contact us.