Step Feed Collections Top 50,000 items


Every morning over the last fortnight, students from Sandringham School have been donating items such as food and toiletries to Feed, Vineyard Church’s foodbank. They didn’t quite manage to beat their own record total but still collected an amazing 1,766 items. Each item makes a huge difference to the lives of individuals in our community so thank you to all those who contributed.

Sandringham were the very first school Step partnered with to organise a collection for Feed. A few students from the Christian Union wanted to put their faith into action and arranged for a 2-day collection, which gathered about 500 items. Several years on and with other schools taking part, we have now collected over 50,000 items (the collections of over 1,000 items, including Verulam’s all-time record, are recorded here). It is so encouraging to see young people caring about people who are struggling in their community.

If your school would like to join in and help us collect the next 50,000 items, please get in touch with us or contact Feed directly.