Stepping Up to Secondary

Journeys are part of life. Every day we take countless journeys, big and small, from one point to another. We might also find ourselves on mental, emotional and spiritual journeys as life takes us through new experiences.

Thousands of Year 6 pupils are currently preparing for the next stage of their life’s journey as they think about their upcoming move to secondary school. The transition from Year 6 to Year 7 can be daunting, so we run Step Up Days to support pupils as they take on this new challenge. 

This year we’re running Step Up Days in nine different primary schools and we had the pleasure of delivering the first one at Colney Heath School.

Exploring our emotions on the Journeys Carousel

Exploring our emotions on the Journeys Carousel

During an action-packed day we got to know each other through team games, used the story of Dory from ‘Finding Nemo’ to explore our identities, and talked about the friendship qualities that matter to us most.

Through the Journeys Carousel, the pupils had a chance to work through some of their emotions around moving on; they shared the things that they’ll be sad to leave behind, and looked forward to the exciting things to come (not least the Step activities that many of them will have in their new schools!). 

They also thought about how the Israelites must have felt excited yet anxious when they left Egypt for the Promised Land. There were even times on that journey when the Israelites were so unsure about what lay ahead that they wanted to return to Egypt.

But we were able to reassure Year 6 that these feelings are perfectly normal on any journey and that God promises us, just as he promised Joshua, that we do not need to be afraid or discouraged because he will be with us wherever we go.

The wonderful Colney Heath pupils gave us a fantastic start to the Step Up Day season. We were especially encouraged by the school’s comments about the day:

The children clearly got a lot out of it and it was really useful. I appreciate the time everyone gave to make it a success and remain so grateful that your presence will be there for them in their new schools.

We’ve since run Step Up Days in four other primary schools and can’t wait to meet the Year 6 pupils in a further four over the next couple of weeks.

If helping children navigate their journey from primary to secondary school is something you’d like to be involved with, do get in touch with Terrie ( or take a look at our page on volunteering with Step.