Step Day season has arrived


The coming of summer not only brings warm weather, sun burn and exciting music - it also delivers Step the gift of hundreds of young people engaging in Step Days. Over the next six weeks, Step will work with around 1,500 young people on Step Days. They could be attending retreat days, community days, Step Up days or Christianity Days. Each day has a different flavour, but all involve large groups of young people spending a whole day with the Step team looking at life through different lenses.

Over the last two days, 110 young people from Nicholas Breakspear School explored the idea of justice. They played games, created sculptures, learnt how to manage stress and anxiety and interacted with 12 ideas on our huge resource called the Justice Mat. The day concluded with a brief reflection on God’s justice and how different it is to ours.

One young person said, “It’s good that Jesus died. I mean it’s not good that he died, but it’s GOOD.” At the time he was making a wooden cross out of lollypop sticks and reflecting on how unjust it was that Jesus, who had committed no sin, had died for our sin. Other students expressed gratitude for all they had and prayed for those that had less. Regarding the taster for the 267 Project anxiety course, Haven, one teacher wrote, “What a lovely taster for what seems like a fantastic course for the students!”

The staff, students and Step team felt it was a great day. Roll on the next 1,390 students!

Please join our Step Day team. We are looking for facilitators, photographers, drinks makers and people to help with set up and pack down. If you’d like to find out more, contact Terrie.