Step's Year in 191 Balloons!!!


Yesterday, we had a fantastic time of celebration to thank God for all he has done through Step this academic year. It was also a chance to acknowledge all those who have played a part in Step this year, whether that was staff members, trustees, volunteers or supporters. It was an opportunity to share stories of young lives being changed for the better and people journeying in their faith. 

To illustrate the scope of Step’s work in 2018/19, we constructed a display using balloons - 191 to be precise. Each balloon represented 10 separate activities that we delivered in schools since September - 1910 in total, which is a new record for us. The amount of balloon blowing required certainly demonstrated the growth we have been experiencing this year. 

Balloon summary slide.jpg

As you can see from the photo, the balloons were of 5 different colours to differentiate between the various activities we ran, as shown here. To put it into context, one blue balloon is the equivalent of 300 young people hearing something about what Christians believe in a lesson. As we all gazed at the display, the sheer extent and magnitude of our work suddenly became even more astonishing and made us even more grateful for what God has done through us. These 1910 activities equate to 49 activities with 1,000 students every single week.

Now for a restful summer and getting ready for September to see just how many balloons we’ll need next year!