The future is in the hands of those who explore

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We've had the privilege of going into Marlborough to run an Explore group on Friday lunch times for the past 9 months. It's been a great opportunity and lots of fun.

We began by going through Youth Alpha, which helped students think through the basic building blocks of the Christian faith. Then we spent some weeks studying parts of the gospel of John and seeing just who Jesus is and how people reacted to him, and thinking about our response to him. It was great to see young people interacting with God's word, some for the first time.

To finish the term we've been looking at the Case for Christ by Lee Strobel. We've had multiple people come to these sessions saying Jesus can't have died and risen again, but going away with some of those ideas broken down.

Over the time it's been running we've had pretty fluctuating numbers: our lowest being about 5 (including me and Helena) but reaching nearly 20 some weeks. There's a core of around 8 who are pretty reliable and many of whom Helena and I have links with through church, so the Explore group's a good way for us to continue the discipleship going on at church and get alongside our young people with evangelism at school.

Our Explorers have said “Explore is fantastic” and “It’s very good and you learn a lot. I also love the food.” 

There's a good mix of young people, with lots of churches represented and lots of young people who don't go to church at all. This means we usually get good questions and good conversation, although it also means tangents are common!

Going in to Explore has been great this year and I'm sad for the end of term to come but it's been tricky sometimes too. We'd love prayer to get to know the young people better; we don't really get long with them in one short lunch time! We'd also appreciate prayer that they'd engage more each week and for better discipline management, as there are usually one or two that distract the rest. Mostly, please pray that hearts and eternities would be changed.

If you are interested in Explore groups please email Helena via:

Polly Boyles - Children’s and Youth Worker, Holy Trinity Frogmore