New Explore Group, A New Opportunity?

What a joy it is to be back working alongside the team and serving Sir John Lawes School for the new term. There is a lunch club we have been part of on Wednesdays for the past few years, which has been a place for students to make connections with the local church in Harpenden through local youth workers. Students have become connected to local churches, wider social networks, new role models and some have even found faith for themselves through the time and space offered to them.


Our plan is to set up a new group and come into school on an extra day! Two lunchtimes a week.

Explore Wednesdays will be starting next week with the hope of being a fun space where students can discover more about the Christian faith and delve into those difficult questions about life, the universe and God. On a Friday we will meet the students and set up a cafe space with light input focusing on the same theme as the Explore Group that week, to give the students a taste of what they might expect at the other group.

Explore Groups were launched by Helena last school year and it feels like the perfect time to offer this kind of opportunity to the students at SJL. So, with the support of the school, from next week we will be starting our group in the Drama Studio within the school, which is a fantastic location to be able to use.

Look out for an update about how the launch went on our social media next week.

Is joining a weekly lunchclub or Explore Group something you are interested in?

Please talk to us about this as we are always looking for team to join us. Iā€™d love to have 3 more people join our lunchtimes at SJL. Could that be you? Get in touch with me.

Thanks for reading,


Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash