Lunchtime Clubs/Cafes

The Step team will often come into schools and run lunchtime activities for various reasons and with various themes. Here's a few of the examples of what this might look like. 

iMatter Cafes

Step has several lunchtime themed Cafes, which take place over a chosen week. Each Cafe has a variety of fun activities to engage with and explore the given topic. Students are encouraged to be creative whilst having conversations with the Step team and each other.

The Cafes work best in a larger space but a classroom would work. Our most popular Cafes (below) are based on our iMatter campaign but others are available:

  • I am Eternal looks at Remembrance Day.

  • I am Connected explores friendship, working together and cyberbullying.

  • I am Loved links with feeling good and mental health.

  • I am Responsible addresses sustainability, community and the environment.

  • I am Created asks the question ‘what would it look like to create a world of our own?’

Above are some pictures of resources used in some of the different iMatter Cafes.

Feelin' Good Week

Every year Hertfordshire Council designate a week in February (usually the week before February half term) where every young person should feel good. All schools are encouraged to take part in this week in some way. Although we think they should feel good every week, it’s a great week to organise some fun and reflective activities around this topic.

Fairtrade Fortnight

Usually in the first two weeks after the February half term is Fairtrade Fortnight, which is a whole fortnight dedicated to promoting fairtrade. As well as assemblies, we organise various different activities, such as Fairtrade Cafes, and join in with the specific challenges that are part of the official Fairtrade Fortnight campaign (e.g. one year there was a successful world record for the longest chain of bunting using fairtrade cotton).

Emmaus CentrE And THE SNUG


The Emmaus Centre and The Snug (pictured here) are drop in cafes at Nicholas Breakspear School and Loreto College respectively. Step has been provided with a large area of the school to have these permanent bases to run courses and lunch time activities. It may not be possible to have this in other schools where space is unavailable but the model of these places is worth discussing with a Schools Coordinator should you wish it in your school.