Sara Martin


One of the benefits of having grown up in St Albans is that there were many familiar faces when I began working at Step! I met some of the team when I was a student at Townsend, before I went to the sixth form at Beaumont. I also bumped into them at the odd local event for young people, where I sometimes helped out or sang in the worship band.

I became involved with Christian youth and children’s work pretty much by accident and was a volunteer for many years before joining Step. I spent a bit of that time getting an English degree and a Masters in Shakespeare from Royal Holloway, University of London. (People give me funny looks when I tell them about the Shakespeare thing. I just really like Shakespeare.) After that, I worked as a teaching assistant in a secondary school before getting a job in London, where I wrote website content for a company that supports school leaders and governors. 

It's great to be back working in schools as one of Step’s Schools Coordinators. You’ll find me mostly in Beaumont, Samuel Ryder Academy and Loreto College.

Why Step?

My job at Step lets me use the best bits of the work and volunteering experience I’ve had so far. It gives me the chance to work with teachers and students every day, to make the most of what I’ve learnt about the education sector, and to run about like a hooligan when required.

On top of that, I get to share my faith while working through some of life’s big issues with young people. It’s a huge privilege to be able to talk with teenagers about my experience of God, and I learn so much from the conversations we have. If you want a new, surprising and challenging perspective on a topic, ask a teenager about it! 

Favourite things

  • Cats and dogs. I can’t pick my favourite species because there are two of each in my family and it wouldn’t be fair to take sides. Although, as you can see on the left, the ones I live with look more like a leopard, a piglet, a tiny bear and a snow wolf.

  • Visiting new places. Croatia, Iceland and Slovenia are some of the best places I’ve been to so far, but there are many more on my list to see.

  • William Shakespeare (I may have already mentioned him). I’m also a fan of other types of theatre, especially the musical kind.

  • Cheese. One day I will become a professional cheese connoisseur and I shall travel the world, eating cheese and saying wise things about it before eating more cheese.

  • Books. There’s nothing quite like a good story.

  • Stand-up comedy, because laughter is an excellent medicine for most things.

Least favourite things

  • Flying. Whose idea was it to put humans in a tin can and fling them 30,000 feet into the sky? Absurd.

  • Sweetcorn. Totally unnecessary when peas are just as good for you and not disgusting.

  • Snakes. As unnecessary as sweetcorn, but 28 times scarier.