Sixth Form Philosophy and Ethics Lessons


This lesson helps students understand the complexities of Christian Ethics and specifically how the Old Testament, the teachings of Jesus & Paul and philosophical theories impact their decision making. Several scenarios will be posed to help cement this understanding and reveal that things aren't quite as black and white as we'd hope. 


Is the future already set in stone? Do we really have free will? Are some people predestined to go or not go to heaven? Through looking at several Christian perspectives, these questions and more will be discussed. 

Grill a Christian

Sometimes students just want to ask questions so in this lesson, we provide a space for the students to hear answers to these. It could be about a particular topic (e.g. Nature of God, Suffering or Science and Faith) or could be completely open to any topic within Christianity.


Does God always get what he wants? Does he want everyone to go to Heaven? Does everyone go to Heaven? Using these 3 questions, several Christian opinions about life after death are explored in light of Jesus' death and resurrection. 


This lesson looks at miracles from the Bible and stories of modern day miracles and helps us answer the questions: why did Jesus do miracles and what did it reveal about him?; do they still happen today?; and why do some people get healed and others don't?


Students get to look a bit deeper at the 4 omnis and consider whether God is eternal and/or everlasting. In light of these attributes, how would a Christian relate to God in a daily way?  


Students are guided through the bible texts that dictate the core values on a Christian’s sexuality. The students are then given space to discuss their findings.