Space Mats

The Space Mats are often used in lessons but can be organised at other times as well. If you haven’t seen them, please be encouraged to find a time to experience them for yourself as a description and photos fail to do them justice. Essentially, each of the Space Mats use four massive coloured triangular mats. Each triangular mat has a theme with three separate reflective activities relating to that topic. The participants listen to instructions on iPods, allowing them to fully focus on the activity. The Space Mats needs an approximate 7m x 7m space to fit all 4 mats but each mat can be used individually without the others. 

With each Space Mat having 12 unique activities for up to 36 participants at any one time, these are great activities to help young people reflect. Below is a brief description of the Space Mats currently available.

The Original Space Mat

The original Space Mat was designed by some amazing interns at Step several years ago. The four topics are 'God', 'Identity', 'Global' and 'Community'. Students get to explore self worth, spirituality, justice and forgiveness. You can listen to one of the tracks below. 

Justice Mat

2018 team and resources DBPR meant no student images - Image 31.jpg

The Justice Mat's four topics are 'Social Justice' (including homelessness and the refugee crisis), 'Crime and Punishment', 'Environmental Justice' and 'God's Justice'. You can listen to one of the tracks below

Stress Mat

Stress Space Mat- Image 12.JPG

The Stress Mat's four topics are 'Causes of Stress', 'Resilience', 'Responses to Stress' and 'Stress & Faith'. Young people are given the opportunity to reflect on their stressors and how they might be able to manage them, including how faith may play a role in this. You can listen to one of the tracks below.