Step Reps

What is a Step Rep?

A Step Rep is a member of a church congregation who is passionate about the work of Step and will work with us to ensure their church is informed and updated on various aspects of Step's work.

What do we expect from a Step Rep and how do we support them?

Each Step Rep's role will be slightly different depending on how your church operates but we expect Step Reps to:

  • Be the person we provide promotional material for and ensure it is distributed/displayed in the church.
  • Help promote and make every effort to attend Step Prayer Evenings and our End of Year Celebration. See our Events Page for more details.
  • Help us organise church visits where needed (this may be just putting us in touch with the right person to speak to).
  • Think of other ways in which your church could support us (e.g. articles in newsletters/websites, hosting a prayer evening, fundraising).

In all of these, we shall provide you with all the material you need and we are always willing to come and speak to you about any ideas you have. 

How do I become one?

If you are interested in becoming a Step Rep, simply contact us and let us know which church you attend. We will then meet with you or speak on the phone about the role and check you are still happy to do it. 

Can a church have more than one Step Rep?

Yes, the role can be done as a partnership between 2 or more people and often this can work really well. We would work with you as a team rather than separately to ensure we aren't doubling up (e.g. sending 2 different sets of flyers to 2 different people). If you show an interest in the Step Rep role and your church has already got one, we would initially ask you to speak to the existing Step Rep to see if you could work alongside them.