Useful Links for Young People

Here are a few links to organisations that we feel young people should be aware about. We also have a designated page for you to find out more information about local youth groups. If you are facing a really difficult situation, remember there are people out there who care about you and want to help. Speak to your parents, teachers, youth workers, a member of Step or someone else you trust.


The NSPCC has a 24 hour phone line (0800 1111) you can call for free if you ever need someone to talk to about an issue you are facing, whether it be depression, issues with drugs and alcohol, abuse or something else. Their website has other information to support you and details of other ways you can contact them. Click here to go directly to their site.

If you need advice on anything to do with self harming, whether it is for you or a friend, please do visit their website. They are experts in dealing with this issue. 

We will be adding more links soon