Volunteer with Step

Step is always looking for new volunteers to join our team. There are numerous opportunities from working in schools to helping with administrative tasks. If you would like to join the team, please contact us or see the flyer attached by clicking the link below. Tell us what you are good at and we'll see if we can help you do that in school or in the office. There will be a short application process including obtaining a DBS check. If you want to give a year or a season to Step as part of our Step Academy, click here for more information.

What Some Of Our Volunteers Say

"Working with Step is great!! I enjoy how we get to build relationships with the young people we see on a regular basis. This regular contact has given me fantastic groundwork for carrying some of those relationships over to the youth work we run within our local church." (Scholtz, St Mark's Church)

Volunteering with Step means a lot to me because I get to explore and discuss different life issues with students during their RE classes, and this in return strengthens my Christian belief. The staff at Step are very friendly, supportive and encouraging. It is difficult not to love volunteering with Step. (Daniel, Thirlmere Church)

"I have enjoyed volunteering with Step and being a valued contributor. I was encouraged to do more than I'd ever done before. Over time I went from observing a lesson to taking a lead and then moving into different areas (courses and mentoring) where I was well supported." (Eileen, St Paul's Church)

"Throughout the bible we are exhorted to pass on the good news about Jesus to the next generation. Volunteering with Step has given me a great opportunity of doing just that for children who may otherwise never get to hear the gospel" (Tony, St Paul's Church)

"There’s a role/job for everyone and it is possible to learn new skills and develop one's own gifting regardless of whether you would like opportunities to take lessons or would prefer a more behind the scenes role." (Adrian, London Colney Baptist Church)

"Helping kids with social, behavioural and emotional disorders orientate themselves for the huge challenge of life beyond school is satisfying and rewarding work. They need time and they need a listening ear." (Andy, Bethany Church)

"I really enjoy working for Step. The lessons may be aimed at the young people, but they always make me think as they present things in such an original way. It's great getting to know the staff and students in the schools we go into regularly- they are always so welcoming to us too." (Wendy, St Luke's Church)