Find out how your church can connect with Step

Ways to Connect with Step

There are a number of ways that churches can connect with and support the work of Step. Here are just a few!

Provide Volunteers

One of Step's aims is to connect local churches with their secondary school. The primary way we do that is through volunteers. Therefore, if there are people in your church who would like to join the Step team, please put them in touch with us.

We have volunteers of all ages who are church leaders, youth workers or members of the congregation - all with different talents and passions. More information about volunteering can be found here

Organise a Step Visit to Your Church

Step has numerous supporting churches, whether that is through finance, volunteers or prayer so we love coming on a Sunday and updating the congregation about our work.

Church visits range from giving a 10 minute update to running the whole service (including all-age and parade services) so please contact us to discuss what we can offer at your church.
. We really value all the support received so .

Receive and Distribute  Promo Material

We communicate to our supporters through email and printed promotional material. It would be great if church leaders could sign up to these here and the congregation made aware of this option.

We also send our printed material to local churches via their leaders or their Step Rep (see below). It would be amazing if churches could ensure these are distributed on chairs or displays for people to read.

Have a Step Rep From Your Church

A Step Rep is a member of a church congregation who is passionate about the work of Step and will work with us to ensure their church is informed and updated on various aspects of Step's work.

They will receive the promotional material to distribute in their church, attend Prayer Evenings & Step Rep briefings and will be equipped with various resources to help Step be known more in the local churches.

If your church doesn't already have one, this can be a great way of taking the pressure off church leaders to keep their congregation connected.

For more information on Step Reps, please get in touch.

Attend, Promote and/or Host  Step Events

We have 3 prayer evenings a year (one a term) and our End of Year Celebration in July. We may also have fundraisers and other events organised throughout the year. It would be great to have as many people supporting Step by attending these events. You can see any confirmed dates on our Events Page or in our various emails and promotional material

Our prayer evenings are normally hosted by different churches (organising refreshments and setting up/down the venue). If you would like to be one of the hosts, please let us know.

You may also want to organise a separate prayer evening for Step for your church congregation only. If you do, please let us know and we'll be more than happy to attend. 

Financially Support Step

Churches can support us financially as part of their mission through one-off gifts or a regular standing order. Please see our donations page to see the various ways to do this.

We also have an annual Spring Appeal, which is a great time to promote Step and encourage the congregation to give through a collection. Flyers will be sent out in February each year for this campaign.

You may also want to organise, as a church, a fundraising event on behalf of Step. For example, we have had Harvest meals and quiz nights organised by local churches with the proceeds going to Step.