What Step Offers

A taste of all that Step offers schools in St Albans and Harpenden

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Step Favourite - Pottery

As part of some Step Days, young people get to  reflect on various topics while creating their own masterpieces. A team of people from 'The Pop Up Pottery' in Harpenden come and provide a wonderful experience for all involved, with a chance to go on the potter's wheel as well. 

Step Favourite - iMatter Journal

During Lockdown, we produced a new resource to help young people and their wellbeing. The iMatter Journal, which has been received so positively from students and teachers, can be given to students as part of a lesson. The Step team could also work with individuals or small groups of young people to work through the journal.

Step Favourite - Leadership Foundations Course

This 6-week course gives students from Year 10-13 the chance to grow as young leaders. The young people get  to explore topics such as identity, character, team work and influence as they not only learn the skills of leadership but also get to know themselves and others better. The course includes 2 mentoring sessions with their facilitator. 

Step Favourite - Justice Mat

As part of some Step Days, the students will spend time on our Justice Mat or similar reflective space. They will listen to tracks through our app or iPods that guide them through a series of activities on giant mats.