COURSES on wellbeing

Below are two courses we offer schools related to student wellbeing

Haven Schools
The Haven, which is delivered in partnership with 267, provides a safe space for up to 10 pupils who are struggling with stress and anxiety. This six-week course will help young people to reflect on triggers for their anxiety, learn to notice their physical and mental response to stress and apply tools and strategies to help them feel more in control of their anxiety. Our trained Step team can deliver an assembly to introduce the course, work with you to decide on the best students for the course and bring all the required resources. Although Step doesn't charge for our time, there is a cost per student from 267 to cover a student resource pack and course development.
Tough Stuff
Many young people in schools have faced loss, either through the death of someone close to them or through parental separation. This 6 or 7-week course (written by Pete English from a charity called At A Loss and adapted by us) is designed to help students explore the grief process while providing an opportunity to talk about their loss with others who have had similar experiences. The main leader on this course will have received specific training. We will work with the school to identify students who could benefit from the course, who will be interviewed to ensure they are aware of what the course will entail and are ready for the process. We can also offer an assembly on the issue of loss to introduce the course.

Leadership Foundations

Below are details of our course and conference

Leadership Foundations Course
The Leadership Foundations course aims to empower any young person to understand what makes a good leader and to recognise the leadership potential in themselves. Designed for Key Stage 4&5 students, the six 60-minute modules consist of experience-based learning supported by teaching, discussion and additional one-to-one mentoring. The course is delivered by a skilled team of experienced facilitators.
Leadership Foundations Conference
Leadership is a life-long journey so as well as the course, we offer a chance to those who have attended a Leadership Foundations course to join us at a conference. Students from different schools will have more input, with training on presenting, communication skills and much more.

Youth Alpha

Youth Alpha (Lunchtime or After School)
Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith. Each talk looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation. This is open to anyone who wants to find out more about what Christians believe.