Social Action Projects


The Vineyard Church in St Albans run a ministry called Feed- a food bank for people in the community in need. Its importance has been highlighted by the council and many attendees have shared amazing stories of how the project has blessed them and had a life-transforming impact. It’s a project that is a prime example of the outworking of the Christian faith. Several schools have organised whole-school collections through Step to support this amazing project. We offer an assembly to each year group to launch the collection and then assist with the practicalities of storage/transportation of items. We have also arranged for students to visit Feed and see the impact first hand. We do run the collections as a friendly inter-school competition. The best collections (with over 1000 items) so far are given below, with how long their collection was for. It is worth noting that some schools collect items just as a year group or may have a much smaller amount of students so although they haven't made the list, all items are gratefully received by Feed.

1. Verulam School 7181 items (2 weeks- Sept 2018)
2. Verulam School 4853 items (2 weeks - Sept 2016)
3. Verulam School 4091 items (2 weeks - Sept 2015)
4. Verulam School 3851 (2 weeks- Sept 2017)
5. Beaumont School 3702 items (2 weeks- March 2016)
6. Verulam School 3128 items (2 weeks - Oct 2014)
7. Beaumont School 2708 items (2 weeks - March 2014)
8. Verulam School 2648 items (2 weeks - Oct 2013)
9. Sandringham 2068 items (1 week - April 2017)
10. Beaumont School 2019 items (2 weeks - March 2015)
11. Sandringham School 1980 items (2 weeks- May 2018)
12. Sandringham School 1766 items (2 weeks- June 2019)
12. Sandringham School 1467 items (1 week - May 2016)
13. Beaumont School 1300 items (2 weeks - March 2018)
14. Roundwood Park School 1261 items (1 week - May 2016)
15. Sir John Lawes School 1258 items (1 week - Nov 2015)
16. Townsend School 1221 items (1 week - Oct 2012)

If you are interested do get in touch with us. Also, if there are families you work with who may benefit from Feed, information can be found via their website by following the link below. Alternatively do ask us and we will ensure you get to speak to the right person. 


On the first Friday night every December, hundreds of people both young and not so young, endure the wintery conditions and ‘sleep’ outside the Abbey for a night to raise money for various homeless charities in the area, with over £52,000 being raised in 2014. Step have been part of organising this event for many years and promote it in schools through assemblies and lunchtime sessions. If you are passionate about eliminating homelessness then speak to us about bringing a group from your school. More details, including how to receive sponsorship, can be found on the Sleepout's website below. (Photos are from the 2014 Sleepout courtesy of The St Albans Diocese)