Clubs and groups

A selection of our after school or lunchtime groups


Various spaces in schools for young people to come to

The Snug/Emmaus Centre
The Emmaus Centre and The Snug are drop in cafes at Nicholas Breakspear School and Loreto College respectively. Step has been provided with a large area of the school to have these permanent bases to run courses and lunch time activities. It may not be possible to have this in other schools where space is unavailable but the model of these places is worth discussing with a Schools Coordinator should you wish it in your school.
Various Clubs
The clubs we run in schools are often determined by the interests and skills of our team of staff and volunteers. Some love playing games, some are amazing at craft so we will set up Games Clubs and Craft Clubs for young people who have similar passions. Each club is a chance for positive relationships to be built between the Step team and the students.

Explore Groups and Christian Unions

Regularly held over lunchtimes

Explore Groups
Explore Groups are clubs where students can come along to discover more about the Christian faith and delve into those difficult questions. It is an enjoyable space where students will be able to feel comfortable sharing their views and questions about faith. Whatever their faith background they will find a welcoming environment.
Christian Unions
Christian Unions (CUs) are clubs within schools for young people to explore the Bible and develop their faith, usually meeting during a lunchtime. Everyone is welcome but unlike Explore Groups, there is more of a focus on reading the Bible, prayer and encouraging each other to live out a Christian faith in school.

Themed Cafes or Reflective Spaces

These are usually held for one lunchtime or a series of lunchtimes over a week

Themed Cafes
Step has several lunchtime themed Cafes, which take place over a chosen week. Each Cafe has a variety of fun activities to engage with and explore the given topic. Students are encouraged to be creative whilst having conversations with the Step team and each other. The Cafes work best in a larger space but a classroom would work. Our most popular Cafes are based on our iMatter values but others are available.
Prayer/Reflection Spaces
Many young people have found it helpful to spend some time during lunchtime on our prayer or reflective spaces. For example, Step will come and set up a room with some quieter activities just before exam season for the students to have a time of relaxation, reflection and restoration before the busyness of the next stage of their academic journey.